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Z1 KZ900 Information & Specs

The Z1 KZ900 Kawasaki was a motorcycle introduced in 1972 by Kawasaki Heavy Industries. It has been described as the world's first superbike, but that term is probably more accurately applied to the BSA Rocket 3. The Z1, along with Honda's CB750, introduced the four-cylinder, across the frame, disc-braked layout. The Z1 KZ900 Kawasaki was developed in strict secrecy under the project name "New York Steak". Some years previously, Kawasaki, already an established manufacturer of two-stroke motorcycles, decided to make a 750cc 4-cylinder 4-stroke sports motorcycle; they were beaten to the market place by the Honda CB750. Apparently, the bosses at Kawasaki were horrified and ordered their designers to come up with something overwhelmingly better. The subsequent design was a 903cc bike with styling details that took the motorcycling world by storm and set a benchmark against which all future motorcycles would be judged. This iconic motorcycle has a huge and dedicated worldwide following. The combination of a 903cc engine, dual overhead cams, high performance and civility at modest engine speeds created a motorcycle of a type that had never been seen before. The basic design of the Z1 remained relatively unchanged until 1975, when the Z900 was introduced, with changes including reduced power output, improved suspension, a stiffer frame, revised styling and improved braking.



·  903 cc

·  4-Stroke, 4 Cylinder

·  Double Over Head Camshaft

·  5-Speed Return Shift

·  Maximum Horsepower: 82 HP @8,500 rpm

·  Spark Plug: NGK B8ES

·  Tire Size

·  Front: 3.25H-19 4PR

·  Rear: 4.00H-18 4PR

·  Color

  • Fuel Tank: Candy Yellow, Candy Brown
  • Front Fender: Chrome

·  Engine No.: Z1E000001-

·  Frame No.: ZIF-000001-


·  Color

  • Fuel Tank: Candy Orange
  • Front Fender: Candy Yellow

·  Engine No.: Z1E020001-

·  Frame No.: Z1F-020001-


·  Color

  • Fuel Tank: Candy Super Blue, Candy Super Red
  • Front Fender: Chrome

·  Engine No.: Z1E047500-

·  Frame No.: Z1F-047500-


In 1976 the model KZ900 was changed to KZ900A and started with the KZ900-A4 model.

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